Stafford Borough Council Small Capital Grant Scheme


Stafford Borough Council Small Grant is administered by VAST on behalf of Stafford Borough Council and provides small grants (£200 – £1000) for small community organisations, with a specific need for a capital purchase. 

Panel meetings are held quarterly to determine whether applicants should receive funding. The panel can decide to offer all or part of the requested grant, or to decline the application.

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1. Small charitable organisations

For the purposes of this grant a small organisation is classed as:

  • An organisation with £25,000 per annum (or less)
  • An organisation with less than 1 year of finances in reserves
  • The number of volunteers in an organisation should not exceed 50
  • There should be no more than 10 active Board Members/Trustees/Committee Members.

2. Voluntary and community groups, Registered Charities, Charitable Companies, Charitable Incorporated Companies, Charitable Incorporated Organisations

3. Organisations based in and working within Stafford

4. Organisations with service users/beneficiaries in Stafford

5. Organisations with the appropriate governing documents as requested in the application form – i.e. Constitution, Articles & Memorandum of Association, insurances and other policies etc.


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  • This grant is for capital expenditure only ( equipment )
  • Grants are available between £200 and £1000
  • All applications must have secured match funding on submission
  • The match funding must be cash, not ‘in-kind’ support
  • Match funding: This is £1 for £1. So an application requesting £200 in grant aid to buy an item must have secured an at least £200 in cash funding to purchase the equipment. So the project must cost £400 or more
  • Projects benefiting residents of Stafford

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  • Applications from organisations with an income of over £25,000
  • Organisations with more than 1 year of funding held in reserves
  • Applications from the Private sector
  • Solely commercial ventures
  • Application without the required match funding
  • Applications that have not been supported by a VAST Engagement Officer
  • Projects where the profit is being donated to another charity
  • Statutory organisations (including Local Authorities, Parish Councils, Schools, Police, PCT’s)
  • Any organisation which will benefit a statutory organisation
  • Projects previously funded by a statutory organisation where funding has been reduced or withdrawn.
  • Any national organisation based in Staffordshire
  • Projects that upgrade premises to meet legislative requirements
  • Organisation core costs/ running costs/ staff costs ( i.e. electricity bills, salaries, volunteer expenses, rent, rates, internet and telephone lines, mobile contracts or sim cards etc)
  • One-off events
  • The reimbursement of costs (for goods purchased before the official start date of the grant)
  • Consumables; i.e.  food, petrol, paper, pens, stamps, printer ink cartridges, workshops materials (such as fabric, glue, paint). These have no lasting benefit to the organisation and are not capital
  • Services; i.e.  caterers, cleaners, design & artwork, website design, builders, plumbers, gardeners, accountants, laundry services  etc
  • Projects that benefit Asylum Seekers, (as defined by the Home Office)

For more information about the fund please click on the links below:

  • SBC Criteria and Guidance
  • SBC Grant Terms and Conditions

Please click here to complete an online application form.

The next deadline for the Stafford Borough Council Small Grant Scheme is 25th March 2016.

Contact VAST’s Engagement Team on 0300 3038606 or click here to contact your local Engagement Officer for support with completing your application.