How does the Collective Work?

How does Staffordshire Collective work? It aims to align a wide range of organisations, equipped to offer a diverse set of core services and skills to the local community to create a single, unified point of contracting in order to sustain and future proof organisations in the commissioning marketplace.To do this VAST’s specialist team will act as an over-arching lead looking to build on the capacity of members best placed to deliver services at the point of need through a central hub.

It will achieve this by:

  • Identifying & communicating funding opportunities
  • Selecting & inviting sub-consortium
  • Support & leadership at tender level
  • Contract management
  • Resource allocation
  • Quality improvement & assurance

Membership to Staffordshire Collective is free and there are no up-front costs, however, should you be successful in securing a tender, VAST will apply a management fee of typically 10%. This fee will cover the associated management costs to monitor and deliver the contract from start to finish.


How does Staffordshire Collective work

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