Frequently Asked Questions: Staffordshire Collective

  1. How long does the verification process take?
    As soon as possible. Some timings can vary depending on the application or the amount of applications we are processing. Once a decision has been made one of the VAST team will be in touch directly to discuss the result and next steps.
  2. Is there a closing date for applications?
    No, the collective will not operate as a closed membership, but will be constantly open to the potential for new members to come on board.
  3. What is expected of my organisation once I become a member?
    As a member, we require your organisation provides all of the necessary documentation to ensure quality assurance as well as inputting into the co-design and deliverance of services to users.  We also require each member of the Collective operates with transparency and integrity in line with the objectives and aims of the consortium as a whole.
  4. What happens if I am unsuccessful in my application?
    If you are unsuccessful in your application the first time around, we can offer your organisation advice and information to help increase your chances of future entry.
  5. How will VAST work with the sector in support of Commissioners?
    Using VAST’s business intelligence of the sector we can pull together best placed providers to inform commissioners of local delivery and thereby focus their commissioning aims and in specific cases to offer niche services as part of wider delivery and outcomes.
  6. Does this model threaten any of the VCSE sector qualities?
    Absolutely not – on the contrary, it enhances and protects the local sector by enabling groups to continue providing services even though no direct grant for their work is available.
  7. Will participation in the collective undermine my organisation?
    Absolutely not, the collective has not been designed to undermine individual organisations’ autonomy or to subsuming their individual organisations into a larger structure. Moreover, it has been designed to serve as a mechanism to meet the needs of each individual organisation.
  8. Once a member, can I still apply for a tender independently?
    Membership of the collective does not preclude you from submitting tenders and applying for contracts independently, however we would ask that if this is the case, you offer a level of honestly and transparency around this issue.

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