Staffordshire Collective is VAST’s bidding consortium for charities, our offer to act as a consortia Lead Accountable Body for tenders, bids and commissioning opportunities on behalf of local Voluntary Organisations Community Groups and Social Enterprises (VCSE) in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. With grants being increasingly phased out, many smaller VCSE groups are being excluded from working within the local public sector regardless of their niche position within the market to provide help and support for local communities. Staffordshire Collective will offer local VCSE organisations of all sizes the opportunity to deliver services in an efficient manner and thereby support wider tender outcomes.

Benefits for Commissioners

•Single point of access to wide range of VCSE providers
• Manage one sizeable contract rather than several small ones, reducing admin costs
• Access to local micro, community and niche organisations
• Economic benefits of retaining investment in the local Staffordshire economy
• Enabling local, tailored services being delivered by local VCS groups who understand their communities
• Enhanced provision through additional resources available to the VCSE (e.g. volunteers; lottery funding etc)
• Ensuring a seamless service delivery irrespective of VCSE provider

Benefits to the VCSE

• Access to tendering/contracts and funding bids for all VCSE groups irrespective of size
• Micro VCSE organisations (often with the greatest reach into the ‘hardest to reach’ communities) can deliver services, and are not excluded
• Larger VCSE groups can concentrate on service delivery instead writing tender submissions.
• No need for tender or bid writing skills as VAST will do this on their behalf.
• Ability to compete on an equal footing with larger national organisations
• On-going guidance and support
• Minimise the risk for smaller VCSE groups (e.g. payment in advance)
• Provide capacity building and support mechanisms to enhance performance and delivery

You can find more about the benefits of membership to the Collective and how it will work in practice.

What is VAST’s role?

• Liaise with commissioners
• Monitor and communicate funding/tendering opportunities to members
• Develop delivery partnerships by identifying partners best placed to deliver outcomes
• Work with consortia members to prepare, present and negotiate the tender/bid
• Collate monitoring information and prepare reports
• Manage the risk and ensure compliance
• Ensure financial efficiency and probity
• Provide support and guidance on Quality Assurance – delivery, business planning, financial management, outcomes reporting etc.


VAST will charge a management fee of 10% to cover the costs of all the above should a contract be awarded.

How to get involved

Take a look at our frequently asked questions and eligibility criteria before you apply to find out more.