What are the Benefits of Membership?

For small, medium or larger organisations, The benefits of Staffordshire Collective membership are many. The Collective can offer numerous benefits and ultimately could be the difference between securing and not securing funding crucial to supporting the sustainability of service delivery promoted by your charity, voluntary group or social enterprise.

The main benefits of the Collective Include:

  • Increase efficiency & rationalisation of your resources
    Our dedicated team will take all of the hassle out of the tender process, from start to finish, allowing you to focus more on what you do best, provide frontline services to the community at the point of need.
  • Improve and increase your public profile
    Involvement within the consortium will help to extend and heighten your organisations public profile and marketing capacity within the VCSE sector.
  • Increase your organisations capacity & sustainability
    Our project management team will facilitate and encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise between consortia members leading to better, improved services for those at the point of need and a more sustainable infrastructure for your organisation.
  • Improve your strategic capabilities
    Our specialist team will guide, shape and collate the individual aims of each organisation to establish the most appropriate approach, thus establishing a more concerted, sustainable and innovative approach.
  • Increase your funding prospects
    By being part of a wider, collective force and diverse in specialisms, your organisation can increase it’s potential of winning tenders and securing funding at both a city and county level.
  • No Restrictions
    Staffordshire Collective is an opt-in service, with no restrictions on you or your organisation. Meaning that once a member, you are still entitled to apply for any given tender in your own right.

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For more information or to discuss whether or not membership is right for your organisation, view our eligibility criteria or contact us for further information.